Teach K-3 Social Skills, then easily screen and progress monitor students online.

Our online Progress Monitoring Tool, (irisPMT™) works with the We Have Skills curriculum to help teachers measure students’ behavioral skills. The irisPMT™ combines universal screening and progress monitoring in one quick and easy-to-use tool to make data-driven decisions a reality.

Combine the irisPMT™ and We Have Skills to get the four essentials of an effective behavior management program:

  1. Evidence-based intervention
  2. Universal screening
  3. Progress monitoring
  4. Data analytics

Benefits & Features

Accurate. Teachers rate the degree to which students master behavioral skills. Assessment items correlate highly with normed and validated behavioral measures.

Powerful. Combines universal screening and progress monitoring in one online application.

Efficient. Quickly helps teachers identify students who need additional support, pinpoints specific skills in which the whole class could use more instruction, and records individual student milestones.

Intuitive. Data monitoring scales use familiar green, yellow, and red categories. Analytic charts display progress in visually appealing formats.

Systematic. Individual student and group data can be accessed at classroom or school levels. Data can be shared with students, teachers, parents, behavior teams and administrators.

Secure. Encrypted data ensures student confidentiality.

Practical.Aligns with behavior management programs such as PBIS and RTI. Simple user interface, quick uploads of class rosters, and streamlined student management save teacher time and cost. Web-based with online help desk - no software to install or maintain.

Here’s how the irisPMT™ and We Have Skills work together to ensure your students master the skills that enable school success.

1 Use the We Have Skills
curriculum in your K-3
classroom for 30 minutes
per week for 8 weeks.
2 Universally screen all your students in minutes.
3 See who has mastered the skills and identify
students who need additional support.
4 We Have Skills provides engaging activities
that make additional support fun for students
and easy for teachers to deliver.
5 Progress monitor
the selected
students receiving
additional support.

6 Use the progress monitoring data
charts to determine whether to
intensify, maintain or fade instruction.

7 Watch behavior and academic
engagement improve.

School-site pricing by student enrollment

Under 300 students: $249 per year. 300-699 students: $349 per year.
700+ students: $449 per year. Note: The irisPMT™ is not available as part of the online library purchase.
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